2023 Natural Selection Tour: Alaska | X Games

28 апреля 2023 в 11:59 941 просмотр
Аляска, как она есть

2023 Natural Selection Tour: Alaska | X Games

This is Natural Selection Alaska, the third and final stage of the 2023 Tour, hosted live by Todd Richards, Eddie Wall, Hana Beaman, Mary Walsh, Ed Leigh & Pat Bridges.

Looming above the Gulf of Alaska just outside of the tiny fishing village of Valdez, Alaska, the Chugach Mountains are as awe-inspiring as they are foreboding. This range is the ultimate proving grounds for the world’s best to test their elite skill on some of snowboarding’s most hallowed terrain. Get ready to witness history in the making…again. This is the third and final stage of the 2023 Natural Selection Tour, where twelve of the best snowboarders on planet Earth battle it out on Mother Nature’s terms for the overall Tour Title.

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